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As a Trusted Home Technology Professional Partner with, we can get you set up with the most advanced smart home control. Ever.

Smart. At a Whole New Level

Cooltronics is proud to offer the home automation products and services that we do. Take them to the next level with Make your home smarter than it’s ever been with the seamless integration, control, privacy, and ease that offers.

Wide Range of Product Offerings has a all encompassing product range to take your home to the next level. From the incredibly thin Josh Nano, the small and elegant Josh Micro, the beautiful Josh Remote, and more! Controlling your smart home has never been easier or better looking.

Take a Look at the Client Brochure below from Josh AI to Learn More!

Josh AI Has a Lot to Offer

Intuitive User Interface

The Control Interface for is flexible, easy to use, and all encompassing. From the App, you can even access each of your homes where is installed and their corresponding controls.

Seamless Integration

The “Brain” for is your centralized hub to connect everything smart in your home to one place. From the separator microphones can be placed wherever needed to give you complete control and integration

Privacy Focused proudly notes they do not sell information to 3rd Parties or use it for marketing purposes. listens only when initialized with your “Wake Word” and works to maintain your privacy.

Complex Commands, Simple Experience is able to handle complex commands unlike many other AI systems. Talk in your normal tone, with your detailed requests & will make it happen! Authorized Dealer is only available via Authorized Dealers, and Cooltronics is proud to be Certified! Let us help you determine your specific needs and design the ideal system for your homes.

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