Experience the Smarter Home:
A Day of Effortless Living

Convenience, Comfort, and Control.

Take a look at how Josh.ai and Lutron can make your day flow better

7:00 AM

Wake Up Naturally

Your pre-programmed scene softly opens the blinds to allow natural light to awake your body naturally. Lighting adjusts to mimic the gradual natural shift for cloudy mornings.

7:15 AM

Coffee’s On

Your coffee machine starts and begins brewing you a fresh cup. The kitchen shades open to allow energizing daylight to penetrate the space

8:00 AM

Have a Great Day

As you prepare to leave, the garage doors open. Once departed, the garage closes and the alarm system arms automatically. The thermostat and lighting adjusts automatically to manage efficiency.

5:00 PM

Welcome Home

The garage doors open and alarm system disarms as you approach. The lights turned on moments before and the thermostat has already adjusted to your ideal level. As you arrive, the TV’s turn on and update you on the latest news, while light music filters through your home. Feel free to unwind and enjoy the relaxation before dinner.

7:00 PM

Dinner Is Served

The lighting shifts to a warm and inviting hue, soft music plays, the shades close slowly to accompany the remaining rays of daylight as the sun sets.

8:00 PM

Enjoy a Movie

The lights shift, the volume increases. Your chosen show plays while you are fully enveloped in the experience as it was intended.

11:00 PM


It’s been a beautiful day. As you relax in bed, the shades have been closed, the lighting has become softer. With a simple “Goodnight,” the lights fade, the alarm arms, and peaceful music lulls you to sleep.

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