Embrace the transformative power of light

Lighting and Shade Control

Transform your home with light and shadow, enhancing comfort, elegance, and energy efficiency.

Sculpt Your Ambiance: Masterful Lighting & Shade Control

The perfect ambiance is more than just illumination – it’s about the interplay of light and shade. We expertly design and install intelligent lighting and shade control systems that empower you to curate exquisite moods and elevate your daily living. As a Lutron dealer & installer, you’ll have access to the best products available when you choose Cooltronics!

Set the Scene

A single touch activates pre-programmed lighting scenes – “Evening Relaxation” casts a warm glow, “Dinner Party” sets a sophisticated tone, and “Movie Night” dims the lights in your home theater.

Natural Harmony & Enhanced Security

Motorized shades dance in sync with the sun’s position, maximizing natural light, reducing glare, and optimizing energy efficiency. Programmed lighting and shade schedules also create the illusion of occupancy while you’re away, adding to your peace of mind.

Seamless Integration

Discreet controls and elegant interfaces allow intuitive function and complete customization. Your lighting and shades work in harmony with other smart home systems, including audio/video, climate control, and security, for a truly connected and personalized experience.

Lutron Silver Dealer

Cooltronics is proud to be a Lutron 2024 Silver Dealer. Click below to visit Lutron’s website and explore the wide range of offerings we can offer!

Lighting & Shade Control Solutions

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